Friday, February 12, 2010

Belkin F6d4050 Linux Is There A Linux Driver For The Belkin N150 Enhanced Wireless USB Adapter?

Is there a Linux Driver for the Belkin N150 Enhanced Wireless USB adapter? - belkin f6d4050 linux

The model is: F6D4050
If you know where I would be the driver for my newly installed Kubuntu 9.10, it's great to receive.



Compiz 0.7.2/Linux Mint 6 said...

Here is the official Ubuntu documentation Wireless is

Compatible Cards
https: / / / / / community / WifiDo ...

Troubleshooting / HOWTO / General
https: / / / / / community / WifiDo ...

In the event of Wi-Fi card to be used without the support of ndiswrapper, where the official Ubuntu documentation are Ndiswrapper
https: / / / / / community / WifiDo ...


comtech3... said...

Belkin ndiswrapper support files, this can not in the Ubuntu list.

If you have previously Synaptic and search to see if the software is included in the list for the program for package management.

Rickie said...

If you do not work outside the box is out of luck, the installation of a driver under Linux means that the compilation


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