Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Index Of / Vagin .jpg What Is The Heat Index In Basic Training To Just Sit Around For The Day?

What is the heat index in basic training to just sit around for the day? - index of / vagin .jpg

I've heard that in the basic training that you can sit and do nothing if it is too hot. What is the index of heat or temperature FT. Jackson, South Carolina, if anyone knows the months of June to September.


lconnor6... said...

I went to FT. Jackson during the summer. The objective evil. Would still pants and sleeves unbloused coward.

http://www.hooah4health.com/deployment/h ... is a table in the bottom of the page shows the work and rest cycles.
Be prepared to drink plenty of water. Their dining room is your new best friend.

If you think you're hot, do not wait until they are in Iraq.

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