Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Long Does Sperm Live Inside The Virgina Cant Figure Out How I Got Pregnant?

Cant figure out how i got pregnant? - how long does sperm live inside the virgina

my buddy gave me a few times over 15 and 20 on two days. I am 3 months pregnant. He does not believe its not lie i sing his.but doctor told me the exact date when she was pregnant but said that sperm can live and includes me and my sister's room i, the proportion of affected when the sperm onto the leaves and increased in Virginia, it could be your child's love, which suggest that I cheated on my husband and I need not help me, someone would say what my doctor told me it is not true; that my right CAM friend in me twice in the 15 and 20 on the sperm, which is 15 for me is the second of sperm that was not large, all very small and the 20 was a big *** people who need help because if the child was conceived by the Blacket thatgets angry and make me think that lied and cheated, I swear I did not. I need help on this please, HES talking about a DNA test on the child when he was born to do! I am very afraid that my sisters boyfriends *** I have on the cover, but there were also 9 months *** can not live in the hedges, the time is? Can anyone give me some GREAT answers to reassure me and to my mind at ease I LOVE MY future husband, we got married after the baby is born, but he did not marry me, if the covers over my sister and I have become pregnant ROOM


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