Saturday, February 13, 2010

Used Exercise Equipment For Sale In Ohio How Do I Price My Items For A Yard Sale?

How do I price my items for a yard sale? - used exercise equipment for sale in ohio

I have a trainer that was $ 200 new. It is still in excellent condition. What I should be in the price?
I have a Senseo coffee (tea shop), which works like new and rarely used. The payment of $ 50, how do I sell?
With a head and wooden poles bed, how should we store?
Did you have a double bed metal white, eh?
With a stereo system that costs $ 100 new, broke from the CD or cassette player, but on radio, speakers and a good job. How?
I try to be reasonable not like my prices, but do not want things at reasonable prices. What do you pay?
Thank you.


grateful said...

My rule of thumb is on the label what you pay for it made
(not worth any money, but remember to get rid of what is not necessary)
I would not pay more than fifty dollars for the equipment used
Coffee, five U.S. dollars or less,
Header, perhaps twenty or thirty?
Can be metal bed frame, ten or fifteen years
something broken and must be marked broken probably not available, a happy home

Chuck P said...

It does not bother me what people want to haggle the price of flea markets. So, put a higher price than you want so you can choose what they want. Good luck, I stayed with flea markets, now give me the device in good faith.

It's good to be Queen said...

This varies depending on where you are, but in the sporting goods, coffee and a stereo, see half of what you paid. Council of Heads of State and rails, $ 35 double, $ 25.

eliteway... said...

Sales in the course only discount. People looking for cheap stuff. if it takes an extra in the garage

toni said...

If prices for garage sale items, you must remember that they are mainly selling their goods. You can not believe how much you pay for the item. I bought a complete set of space, tables, and all for $ 150.00.
You must realize that all of what we sell, the extra money. The only producer of coffee ranges from $ 15-20. Headboard - $ 30.
The key to a successful yard sale is clear and precise signals, so that people can find you. My friend had a sale and was literally a pile of garbage, but we could find. He sells most of its Article 2 a.m. to 3 p.m. U.S. dollars and made a killing.

I'm an avid flea market and customers, I would like for me to negotiate better prices. Even if at the end of the day, I know I left a great opportunity, but always willing to tPrice. Note that you do not want, dass

Good luck

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