Thursday, February 11, 2010

Does A Planters Wart Look Does This Look Normal? I Just Had My Planter Warts Removed....?

Does this look normal? I just had my planter warts removed....? - does a planters wart look

I had my planters warts removed last Thursday and SEIS will look like this: /
Should I maybe an infection?
it hurts very badly. I can go Barley /
There have been 25 now: / ...
& & ...


FB said...

omg ahhhhhhh

thats soo scary ... Shiiiit man!

I have no idea ... Sorry ...
I think it is better to see a doctor ...!!!

oh .. Gosh, when I saw that my feet hurt!

=] said...

DEFFFFINATLY seee a doctor of the skin usually nottt can have a meat-eating bacteria

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