Monday, December 28, 2009

Colts Apparel Nfl Apparel Help?

Nfl apparel help? - colts apparel

The other day I was at a game when Colts came a man in a zip-up hoodie use and my friend said that he loved the sweatshirt. I want to buy it, but can not find anywhere online! I'm pretty sure we were not sweathshirt Reebok zipper, hood and had the same model that is hard to describe .. the best way I can describe it as a kind .. a "ghetto" model .. idk how they .. Triangle-like shapes? The shirt is white and gray model, but in the right shoulder was a symbol of ponies, I am confident that these shirts were made for most teams, only foals, does anyone know what I mean or where to find? I checked the website of the NFL Pro Shop, Pro Shop website foals, Reebok, NFL everyone foals website clothing. I can not go find Help!


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