Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cystitus More Condition_symptoms Perminant Cystitus? Or Something More?

Perminant Cystitus? or something more? - cystitus more condition_symptoms

I had very bad conferma cystitus before and had a doctor, but I became more frequent and the scans and things, but do not know that something now when I get to drink enough each day cystitus before going to work, I have to make 1 liter of water and then a bottle of water for lunch and wen I get home, although I very much to pee 2 or 3 only once a day and some days I need to drink more than that amount cystitus because I still continue to do so, in order to drink until it stops, and even if I have to keep what I have cuz i dont drink, when it almost certainly go back. happens every day and has for some time. not based on sex, since they continue for a long time if you havent had sex and will not say by "Wipe down the wrong path," or whatever it because when I originally did the doctor told me from front to back Wipe if io **** pee so I always do and always make sure the Clean still there. Anyone else have this or know what could be?


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