Monday, December 7, 2009

Proshow Gold Serial Key How To Use Different Backgrounds In Proshow Gold ?

How to use different backgrounds in proshow gold ? - proshow gold serial key

Sometimes a picture can not display correctly in ProShow. several times I am the (white or black in a different color with a "record" Is there a way to background images or to make a little design in it a profound change if the image does not fit properly and the top and bottom are black. Thank you,


pamm said...

I've just begun to show the gold in the last two days, and I have a background of an image that did not match the screen to black on both sides. I have the range that the purpose and covering the whole screen. The fund special pic I would not significantly distort the ability to stretch, to get fit

But I still play with the program to really help, Canoeing, until I left some of my qualities. But as far as I program.

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