Friday, December 11, 2009

Is It Tmj Or A Brain Tumor Could I Have A Brain Tumor?

Could i have a brain tumor? - is it tmj or a brain tumor

My feeling of stiffness accompanied burst into the muscles of the back of the head, call, sometimes the noise and ringing in the ears. My feet feel a little tingly, my ankles feel weak, and I sometimes feel dizzy. I had to scan a month ago for my headaches without contrast and all were negative. I have an appointment for a neurologist, but I could not until the end of August, so I am asking for help doctors. I think I should some tips to help you breathe better, and I wonder whether a brain tumor in May entering into a month, and if my symptoms are consistent with a brain tumor? I am very frightened. I went to the dentist and my ATM trying to see if they solve all problems, but do not yet know why the ATM would cause tingling, my feet.


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