Thursday, December 17, 2009

Urine Blood More Condition_symptoms What Causes Rise In Blood Pressure + Protein In Urine Other Then Ovbious?

What causes rise in blood pressure + protein in urine other then ovbious? - urine blood more condition_symptoms

What foods or medicines, blood pressure increase due, etc.?

What are the causes of protein in urine?

I had 2 + in a urine test and my blood pressure is higher than usual. I am 38 weeks pregnant, and I know that these are symptoms of pre-eclampsia. What do I search for reasons, which is not visible protein in the urine + blood pressure. I've heard that caffeine increases blood pressure. Everything else can think of any? You can eat a lot of protein in urine causes of protein?

Say not walk me to the doctor because I have done. I work with my doctor. I want more opinions. =)


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