Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Vans What Are The Names Of The Baby Einstein Puppets? Baby Van Goat's From The World Of Colors. Who Are The Others?

What are the names of the Baby Einstein puppets? Baby Van Goat's from the World of Colors. Who are the others? - baby vans

My daughter always asks me, what are their names. "Baby Van Gogh World of Colors" is the only DVD, which we mention the name of a puppet in the appendix. I checked the website of Baby Einstein, but could not find anything. Has anyone an idea, or know better, know that their names?


Yellowst... said...

Dragon Bard's famous Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein Toy Cow Puppet

Adorable Ducky Duck

And Vincent Van Goat

And you get a list of names of other figures of history can be found on our site: ...

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