Sunday, January 10, 2010

False Teeth Options I Have A Friend With Stained Teeth And Other Dental Needs That Are Quite Costly. Are Dentures The Best Option

I have a friend with stained teeth and other dental needs that are quite costly. Are dentures the best option - false teeth options

She crowns and bridges that are over 15 years, and they must be replaced. Instead, and probably will do at the end of dentures in a few years ago, plans to do this, sooner rather than later. The annoying have dentures? The shame is she? Can we say that it is dentures or have improved over the years and the best choice for a qualified dentist who can work in the arms of the solution to many problems to see you. She is a young man of 50 years of research and was unable to smile with his teeth throughout their lives.


Marie D said...

Hello! I have used in dentistry for over 25 years and the answer is no, the implants are a last resort. Often they know not fit properly, move without the teeth together and are self demoralize women. Please do this. The occurrence of false and time to use them. And to limit what they can eat, and because they are made of plastic to sit on the edge of the gums and can cause damage. Nobody wants, dass request. Ask your friend was sitting with a dentist and discuss other options. Even a partial maintenance of the anterior teeth are better than a prosthesis. Bridges and crowns can through the most beautiful teeth and dental treatment following a payment plan. Not even a prosthesis should be considered, except as a last resort. The loss of the root causes of facial muscles together in the fall, the jaw back and they age very quickly. This leads to much heartache. I prefer my patients to pay 1 / 2 and keep your teeth and watch them lose after 20 years and miserable and unhappy. Any person using the prosthesis, can not eat good food that they want. All softsticky, tough as steak is a no-no. Why did you feel out of plastic in his mouth and miserable when you can replace crowns and bridges, and look good. Yes, it costs money, but in the long run, what is happiness? A 6000th 2-3 years holiday is worth the sacrifice to eat, smile and feel good. 20k In fact, the most interesting in my opinion. Please take the time to think of the prosthesis is so great. They're not. And hate most people. Do not eat a shame, really, drop the food you like and easily or lose. How would you like it? A friend of mine met a great guy, from a month ago and spent the night with him. I woke up with her prosthetic shoulder. This led to guess how the novel? So you hear me, and he has a heart to heart with a dentist and a payment. This is a better choice than dentures. I promise you. M

Mrs. Fuzzy Bottoms said...

Boy, I do not agree with Marie. I am sorry for his friend because he had the same problem. Finally I decided to make the prosthesis 5 years ago and is now the happiest I have over the years, I can finally smile, and I can eat whatever you want, even corn cobs. The only thing not eat candy and gum. Not a big sacrifice, I would say. They have little time to get used to, but I ate fried chicken, only 4 days later, I have my dentures. Above all, make sure that they are correctly installed, my dentist keeps mining equipment for almost an hour before they were right and not to adapt them since my arrival. In my opinion, I think some of these dentists are trying to discourage the prosthesis, because if you is not a dentist. Please tell your friend, because they go, and finally, that they deserve the smile that support them. Mary said she will not be able, many foods that you like to eat, but what she can eat now? Good luck.

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