Sunday, January 3, 2010

Provisional Driver Insurance 2 Year Provisional Driver With 6 Points, Insurance,tests Etc?

2 year provisional driver with 6 points, insurance,tests etc? - provisional driver insurance

Hello, I unfortunately only 6 points on my license and I had two months to compensate them for 2 years and has provided 12 points on my license. and what you can find, it seems that I must and once again my license to take my examination of the theoretical and practical. Pls someone could confirm this and does anybody know of property, knowing that conditions of insurance, I also read in your new license application? If someone wants to know why I will not be insured by a half-mile from his house havin point and was the first time that I use the car.

One must wonder whether the car is really worth the money, or when young.

Thank you.


Bardic said...

They say: "provisional driver. Can we, if you have a provisional license, or have passed the test and received a full license to confirm?

If you are still preliminary, you will be responsible for the "standard of 12 points and is prohibited" limitation.

The "new driver" rules apply to someone who is a full license if your license is revoked if you increase of 6 points in the first two years. The points awarded will be presented to the head provisional, but not taken into account within 6 points. It is achieved only at points than fully licensed reapplied.

Does that help?

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