Friday, January 22, 2010

Power Source Marine Help, Advice, Contributions Plz. Help, Just Dont Discourage Me. I Want To Start My Power Generation Company?

Help, Advice, contributions plz. help, just dont discourage me. I want to start my Power generation company? - power source marine

With oil prices sky rose, and the exponential growth of world population, the world is in the process of green and alternative energy sources, more than you and I think we can not even imagine. The thing is that I want, I start my own business in the green energy production, especially in the 3rd World War, countries where energy production is an epileptic and unstable. Any person, regardless of the wind turbines or marine biomass, it is not really important. Any person who has the same idea? ... You can start a league, Cos I'm dead serious. or someone can help me where can I get money or something, what can I do to get a possibly, is no idea too small or too large. The future can be filled with flying cars and anti-gravity machine, but it has more wind turbines and marine snails, you and I could never imagine.


Anonymous said...

Although it is a noble task, you must do your homework. Investors are looking for a payback period of investment. Develop a business plan, seeking economic and political situation in which you want to build their own generators, test your market (you can afford to pay for power). Get it all with a plan, how much will it cost, what, how much you invest, and how it intends to pursue all (and add unexpected costs and delays).

Once this is done, you can begin to venture capital for cash approach.

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