Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ohio State Gear Car Accident. How Much Will My Deductable Go Up?

Car accident. how much will my deductable go up? - ohio state gear

I probably need a new bumper. I was in a parking lot first, if the lady backed into my bumper. She said that her fault, and I have signed a statement from her. I am 16 and live in the State of Ohio. perfect record with no injuries found. Will make my insurance go up? and if so, how?


Hoorayfo... said...

Shall assume that you are not 100% at fault, they should not.

What you should do is call your insurance claim and a claim and pay for it. If your own insurance, no deductible will be borne by you.

Luna & Lawnboy said...

No increase, not the deductible if you make a change of policy. Since fault in the accident have, it is unlikely to increase your insurance premium. Filing a complaint against the insurance company. You will be reimbursed for damage to your vehicle.

Stressed, yet blessed! said...

Firstly, this means that the premium can be deducted. Secondly, if this is not your fault, not going up.

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