Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Does Allstate Cover Outside Water Pipes Foudation Water Pipe Leak - Is There Coverage In An Allstate Insurance Plan?

Foudation water pipe leak - is there coverage in an Allstate insurance plan? - does allstate cover outside water pipes

Is there a cover water leak under the base from the outside? There is a puddle in front of the wall of the kitchen (Foundation?). Insurance (Allstate) to cover the cost of repairing damage to water pipes outside the house (from the foundation of the house)?

Thanks for any help.


MSAD said...

As a rule - your home policy does not cover the cost of the repair of leaking pipes. That would only damage to the country.

Your best source of information is your agent. That depends on what kind of policies bought to protect you, back home.

WPSCAT C said...

His agent specializes in selling policies. The Commission argues Allstate department's decisions, what is covered and what is not. At the same time, you should change your strategy to inform you.

Access to the pipeline repair will undoubtedly be covered by your insurance. In any given case, the plumber to determine the cause of damage to the pipeline.

Wait just a part of the damage) (repairs that are covered by your policy.

Good luck.

mbrcatz said...

You should contact your agent.

Most of the time are not covered by leaking pipes. In most cases, the damage they do to reach the pipe, digging through his foundation, covered.

But there is no record of underground pipes outside the house. And there is no coverage for water damage to its foundation over time.


Janine said...

First, the installer will have to find out where the water comes before the insurance company may refuse to take responsibility.

Reading the section of water leaks out of your contract can be confusing, but very useful, especially the exclusions.

But I want to assure my contact to inform them that they ask and ask for their interpretation of these leaks can.

dirtyinj... said...

If it is a utility pipe comes from the street by Allstate will not pay to ask, but it is best to call the service department and gave a clear explanation. 1-800-255-7828. You also need the DED. and lose your claim usually charge 10% discount

Don P said...

Usually covered under most homeowners policies. "But insurance companies are experts at taking your money and finding excuses not to pay for claims if necessary. Allstate, from whom, what I've heard, is one of the worst.

It is likely that this is not covered because it is a "flood" condition and have no insurance against floods. The BS is an act of God, flood control, not a water pipe. You'll probably screw it all, and it is almost certain to deny your request if it is present, but do not let them away with her. They will delay and deny, if he can, but stop and get a lawyer, if necessary, and if it is economically viable. If you or your spouse has an assistance program for workers at work, a free consultation with an attorney is usually one of the benefits. Check it out!

Insurance companies are as corrupt as the law and their clients, they are. Make no mistake. Good luck!

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